I am so happy about the progress I made thanks to you and your awesome methods. You made me feel comfortable from the very beginning of our lessons and driving all the way from Frankfurt to Belgium was really worth the effort. The guys from my band constantly criticized my "too clear, clean and straight" voice. Coming from a classical background and making my way through different choirs and pop cover bands, I never thought I would end up with a hardrock/metal band. Screaming and shouting and singing "dirty" was never part of my repertoire. Spending only two sessions at your place over a weekend opened up a whole new world for me. You showed me parts of my voice, I never thought would exist and giving me hints and tips how to memorize what to do and how to do it was brilliant and big fun. It made such a difference for our gigs and my performance. I enjoy even more being on stage now. So a huge THANK YOU again for your time and help.